Maid & Nanny Blacklist — Is your Maid or Nanny a Criminal?

A blacklist website for criminals posing as domestic helpers, maids, nannies and drivers.

Maid blacklist website — Your maid, nanny, baby sitter or domestic helper might be blacklisted by her previous employers for her criminal or adulterous activities. To find out if she has been blacklisted, put in her name on the search box and click the ‘search’ button. For disgruntled employers, post your incriminating evidences of your maids, baby sitters, nannies or domestic helpers here to help prevent them from harming more victims.

Child abuse by maids, nannies and domestic helpers account for more than 77% of domestic child abuse, according to a Ministry of Child Welfare research report published in 2015. We aim to make this world a safer place to live in by calling out and blacklisting abusive maids, baby sitters, nannies and domestic helpers, making sure they don’t reach their next victims.

As of now the majority of our posts are maids, nannies, baby sitters and domestic helpers from Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore.

Protect your Family Perform a background check of maids, drivers and nannies that you hire.

They Live in your Home
Can you imagine allowing a criminal to live in your home, serve your food, and take care of your children?
They Drive your Car
Car thefts by drivers are the most common type of car losses. Make sure your car is in safe hands!
Report a Criminal
Are you a victim of a domestic crime? Be sure to report it so as to create a safer community.